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pcb-rnd support

Get support

Option 1: subscribe to the mailing list: pcb-rnd (send a mail with subject: subscribe). We usually reply there within 24 hours. (Archives)

Option 2: real-time chat with the developers and hard core users: IRC ; please pick a meaningful nickname, join, say hi, state your question and be patient; someone will react in at most 3..4 hours. If nobody reacts but you see traffic, repeat your question. Leaving there an idler client is okay.

Give support

Option 1: if you are experienced with pcb-rnd or electronics: subscribe to the mailing list, join IRC, try to provide help for newbies.

Option 2: subscribe to the mailing list, offer your help; we are looking for manpower with a lot of non-programming tasks as well!

Option 3: consider donating a small amount , e.g. $5 or $10. Donations are transformed into developer hours put in the project.