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pcb-rnd - how to get my favorite feature implemented

The list below is sorted: top items have higher priority, but you are free to choose any.

1. If you are a programmer with free time to spend

Read the contribution howto and join the project. You are welcome to work only on the feature you are interested in. You get all the support (e.g. for understanding the API, to get a blank plugin set up so you need to fill in only the feature-specific parts, etc.). Success rate should be near to 100%.

2. If you are not a programmer and have free time

You can join and work on things you don't need that much, but others do. This will build your reputation in the community which in turns encourages others to implement your favorite feature even if they wouldn't do it for themselves. The success rate is somewhat more random, obviously.

3. If you don't have free time

Consider donation: buy someone else's time, e.g. sponsor the project with small donations.

You can also directly buy the development time for the feature you need; contact me (see the contribution howto page). Since you don't need to cover all costs and the hourly rates are much lower on a pet project, and your feature may be simpler than it looks, and someone who already knows the code also saves the learning curve, it may all be cheaper than you think. The success rate should be close to 100%.