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pcb-rnd - contribution

If you are interested to help out, please contact the lead developer.

Contributing as a user

Using pcb-rnd in production and just reporting bugs is already a huge contribution.

We also have a list of tasks that can be contributed by users.

More dedicated users can join in scheduled, systematic testing. Such testing is split up into independent chunks that each can be done in an hour.

Even more dedicated users can join developing the documentation.

None of the above requires or assumes any programming skill.

Contributing as a developer

The project is lead in an autocratic way by Igor2.

Developer freedom taken away:

Developer freedom promptly granted:

Coding style/indentation: there's an unified style in core and core plugins. If you work on those parts, try to stick to it. If you are working on a new plugin, it's still the preferred style but you can use a different style. However, the rule is that if someone else starts hacking that part too, he is allowed to convert the code to the unified format; but unified format can not be converted to anything else. So it's a one way process which long term grants unified style while not demotivates a plugin developer by forcing a style on him in the early, "when the bulk of the code is written" phase.