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2023 update

Sch-rnd 1.0.0 is ready. The core of CoralEDA, the Ringdove EDA suite is now ready.

2022 update

Sch-rnd (schematics editor) will reach first stable release in 2023. CoralEDA will reach it's full potentail then. But even before that, we are accepting projects under the conditions published on this web page.


[coralEDA logo]coralEDA
is an umbrella project for a collection of free/open source EDA related software
Focus Electronic Design Automation: computer aided electronic design related utilities.
Mission Instead of providing a monolithic EDA software suite, coralEDA is a collection of independent, small projects that combine into an ecosystem of tools (following the best UNIX traditions on modularization and simplicity).
Decentralized coralEDA has no code of its own, merely coordinates existing, actively developed projects.
Member projects are developed independently, each having their own developer and leadership, working according to their own technological/methodological choices
Interoperability coralEDA makes effort to get member software projects to work well together
Two-tier construction The tight ring (or core) of coralEDA is Ringdove EDA suite that provides a set of independent but well cooperating projects for schematics capture, PCB layout editing and gerber (and more) viewing. There are few projects in the tight ring, but a lot of connections and practical work-flows between these projects.
In the loose ring of coralEDA, there are projects that happen to work well together with those projects in the tight ring. This loose coupling allows less connected projects to join.
Comments, feedback, suggestions live chat with the developers
or mail to: coraleda (at)
Support and hosting CoralEDA is trying to support member projects by coordinating the interoperability effort, helping users to find the best tool for their needs among the projects, and optionally providing free of charge hosting (VCS, IRC, mailing list, web, web services) for member projects.

Member projects

Tight ring

sch-rnd: Schematics capture
pcb-rnd: Printed Circuit Board design and conversion
camv-rnd: CAM (gerber, excellong, gcode) viewer
genxproj: generic, configurable Graphical Project Manager
edakrill: user content sharing (footprints, symbols, scripts)
tEDAx: interchange file format designed for ease of implementation

Loose ring

xschem: lightweight, top-down schematics capture/editor
gerbv: gerber viewer