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How to join coralEDA

1. What do you get?

As a developer of a tool that tries to solve one part of the problem properly, the ecosystem offers the rest of the toolchain your users will need. This includes a full EDA suite, Ringdove, including schematics capture, PCB layout editor, gerber/excellon/gcode/etc viewer.

So if you have a software that solves a problem in the EDA domain but it needs a schematics or a PCB layout as input and you do not want to write a full schematics/PCB editor, you should consider joining the coralEDA effort and get those parts for free.

Optionally you can request free-of-charge VCS, web, mailing list and IRC hosting for your project on the infrastructure.

2. What does it cost you?

The ecosystem model has two rings or tiers, a tight and a loose. In the tight tier, tools have to spend some development time on implementing interfaces (mainly file format support) so they can communicate to other software in the ecosystem. We have a format designed specifically to make this process as cheap as possible.

2.1. joining the loose roing

In the loose tier, you don't need to do much, your tool is dragged into the ecosystem by other tools being able to communicate to it.

2.2. requirements for the tight ring

Any project that joins the tight ring must meet a few requirements:

3. Is it exclusive?

No. You can join while being part of other efforts. A whole EDA suite or random subprojects of an EDA suite can also join. The idea is that the ecosystem provides a group of tools that work together - it doesn't affect other aspects of the tools.

4. How to join

Drop me a mail at coraleda [at] or visit our IRC channel.

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