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joke_pricing by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2020-01-18

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pcb-rnd professional

pcb-rnd pro is for professional Engineers working in middle sized or large companies. It supports team work 1 , scriptable DRC, and setting up a company footprint library.

Pricing: $6000/year/seat

pcb-rnd net

pcb-rnd net is coming with cloud 2 footprint library support. Why store your library locally, when you can depend on the Cloud?

Limitations: this license is available only from version 2.0.0 up.

Pricing: $4000/year

pcb-rnd small business

At pcb-rnd we value the innovative contribution small companies and startups make to the global economy. This special offer allows a single license to be used by multiple engineers. pcb-rnd small business has low hardware requirements 3 , so operators don't need to purchase 24" screens and 8-core processors.

Limitations: this license does not include phone support.

Pricing: $5500/year

pcb-rnd exchange

pcb-rnd exchange is ideal for converting board files stored in different file formats (KiCAD, Eagle, Protel, etc.) accumulated over the decades into an unified, portable format 4 .

Limitations: does not save compressed board files.

List price: $3510. Contact your local sales for discount options.

pcb-rnd personal

Most engineers are not only engineers in their daytime job but are engineers at home too! For them, pcb-rnd personal is the ideal choice: it can be installed on multiple devices to work on personal/hobby projects! pcb-rnd personal comes with support for local, personal, on-disk footprint libraries.

Limitations: board size can not exceed 2.1m*2.1m when configured with 32 bit coordinates.

Price: $1599.

pcb-rnd console

The console 5 version allows users to run pcb-rnd without GUI. This is especially useful when pcb-rnd is used as part of a web service running in the background on a server.

Limitations: no mouse support.

Price: $1299.

pcb-rnd education

The next generation of engineers should use cutting edge software to learn PCB design. This version is targeting students or small class of students.

Limitations: no official user support on facebook.

Price: $890.

pcb-rnd freeloader

Before you decide to buy an advanced license, we invite you to try pcb-rnd for free. Download the latest release from the pcb-rnd home page for an evaluation period of 5 billion years.

Price: $0.



this page is obviously a joke - pcb-rnd is a free, open source software, licensed under the GNU GPL. You can get the same features, free license, free support as any other user, without paying a cent. Limitations are not because of licensing policy but because of design decisions or lack of developer time.

Replace your proprietary EDA tool with pcb-rnd today.