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eagle footprint lib files

io_eagle_fp by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2021-10-28

Tags: insight, eagle, footprint, library, lib, lbr, import

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Abstract: Details on loading footprints from eagle footprint lib files (typically *.lbr).

  When importing footprints using io_eagle, the following behavior is expected:

  file contains a single footprint file contains a multiple footprints
library window shows up as a single entry in the library window file shows up as a directory in the library window, with the multiple footprints as children nodes
import subcircuit imports the footprint as subcircuit into the buffer directly pops up a footprint selection dialog with the available footprint names 2 , loads the selected footprint into the buffer
loading the file directly loads one footprint placed on a board 1 loads a board with all footprints placed 1 (you may want to call a disperse on it)


1. You are not in "footprint edit mode" but "board edit mode"; this is a limitation can't be worked around: in eagle there's no header that explicitly tells apart a footprint from a board.

2. Preview can't be rendered because at this point the file is not really parsed or interpreted, only a map of footprint names is extracted.