XSCHEM embeds a tcl shell, when running xschem the terminal will present a tcl prompt allowing to send / get commands through it. Most user actions done in the drawing window can be done by sending tcl commands through the tcl shell. A tcp socket can be activated to allow sending remote commands to xschem, for this to work you must the xschem_listen_port tcl variable in xschemrc, specifying an unused port number. Xschem will listen to this port number for commands and send back results, as if commands were given directly from the tcl console.

XSCHEM implements a TCL xschem command that accepts additional arguments. This command implements all the XSCHEM remote interface. Of course all Tck-Tk commands are available, for example, if this command is sent to XSCHEM: 'wm withdraw .' the xschem main window will be withdrawn by the window manager, while 'wm state . normal' will show again the window.
This command: 'puts $XSCHEM_LIBRARY_PATH' will print the content of the XSCHEM_LIBRARY_PATH tcl variable containing the search path.