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[route-rnd logo]route-rnd
is a free/open source, flexible, modular autorouter for Printed Circuit Boards

using the extremely simple and freely available tEDAx file format.

is part of the ringdove suite and works smoothly from pcb-rnd.

Version Control svn://
Download source releases
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Contribution and support
A major supporter is NLnet
Key features generic external autorouter for Printed Circuit Boards
modular, supports different routing algorithms
fits well in a UNIXy workflow
the designed-for-simplicity file format makes it easy to interface
fully CLI, no GUI required
active development, frequent releases
Supported platforms
any POSIX-like system with c89 support (various Linux and BSD distributions, from source)

What is -rnd?

This project is part of the ringdove EDA suite. That means it is guaranteed to be usable with the other software found in ringdove, i.e. with pcb-rnd. However, all parts of the ringdove suite is written with modularity and toolkit approach and UNIXy workflows in mind so route-rnd can potentially interface other PCB editors as well in the future.