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route-rnd - license

Route-rnd is a Free Software, Open source, under the terms of GPL version 2.

See file trunk/COPYING for more details on the license terms. Route-rnd incorporates a few mini-libs with various, GPL-compatible licenses, mostly BSD, MIT and public domain.

For users: the resulting software is distributable under the GNU GPL version 2 (or later versions), the usual GPL terms and conditions apply.

Contribution: by contributing, you agree to submit patches that are conforming to the license terms (e.g. don't copy random code from other projects). We are keeping track of copyright: each contributor holds the copyright for and is responsible for their part. Contributors agree to license their contribution under the same term as the subproject they are adding to, which is typically GPL2+ for core and plugins and utilities.

Re-licensing under different conditions: route-rnd's GPL2+ allows the user to upgrade to GPL3 or later versions of the GPL (as long as new versions don't contradict with the license of the mini-libs). It is possible to request relicensing route-rnd and/or some of the mini-libs under different terms (contact the author).