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pcb-rnd - datasheet

layout characteristics multiple layers (16 copper, compile time tunable limit)
smd and through-hole components
solder mask, paste, assembly drawings
board size up to 2x2 meter at nanometer precision
arbitrary amount of routing styles
Design Rule Checker
board file formats lihata (native), geda/PCB's .pcb, KiCad's s-expr kicad_pcb
other native formats geda/PCB's .fp for footprints (native)
import formats gEDA/gaf sch, gEDA/gaf netlist, dsn, edif
export formats gerber, png, ps, svg, bom, xy, bboard, dsn, gcode, ipcd356, lpr, nelma, kicad old pcb format
UI options gtk2, lesstif (motif), batch (automated processing)
configurable menus, keyboard and mouse actions
footprint library parametric footprints written in any programming language
optionally per system, per user, per project libs
footprints from local files
footprints from the web (
scripting embedded scripting using libgpmi (awk, python, lua, tcl, ruby, perl, php, scheme, lisp)
layout helpers basic autorouter, basic autoplace, place objects in aligned grid, asymmetric pin shapes, back annotation tracking, trace puller, teardrops
understands internal connections in footprints
query mini-language for finding and selecting objects by rules
misc flexible configuration system
support for small screen (800x600)
strong support for automated processing
modularity (most code implemented in plugins)
slim code, reduced external dependency, portability