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pcb-rnd - datasheet

layout characteristics multiple layers (16 copper, compile time tunable limit)
smd and through-hole components
editable solder mask, paste, assembly, keepout, documentation drawings
board size up to 2x2 meter at nanometer precision
arbitrary amount of routing styles
Design Rule Checker
native file format lihata (structured text tree); support for loading and saving all old file versions
board file formats lihata (native), tEDAx board, KiCad's s-expr kicad_pcb, geda/PCB's .pcb, Eagle (binary and xml, read-only), Protel/Autotrax (read-only), Protel 98/99 (read-only), Altium (read-only), Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx
footprint formats lihata (native), tEDAx footprint, KiCad s-expression modules, geda/PCB's .fp, BXL
import formats tEDAx netlist, gEDA/gaf sch, gEDA/gaf netlist, EasyEDA netlist, dsn, edif, ipcd356, HP-GL, tEDAx, PADS ASCII netlist, Orcad netlist, Accel EDA netlist, Protel netlist 2.0
data model: layers copper, silk, mask, paste, plated route/cut, unplated route/cut, arbitrary documentation/misc layers
data model: padstacks holes, slots, blind/buried vias, different shape on different layers (including non-copper layers), arbitrary polygon shape
data model: footprint any object and layer supported in footprint; rich metadata; option for run-time generated footprints
data model: netlist named networks, rats nest, deliberate netlist changes + back annotation
netlist support
draw using netlist/footprints imported from schematics
back annotation to schematics editor
alternatively create netlist from scratch while drawing the PCB
altnenatively draw without netlist
DRC powerful, user scriptable DRC that has full access to all board data (including logical such as networks and physical such as layer stackup and object geometry)
File formats:
Load/import board
Altium PcbDoc ASCII board
autotrax PCB board, version 4
autotrax PCB board, version 5
dsn board
eagle xml board version 6, 7, 8
eagle binary board version 3, 4, 5
hyperlynx board, version 2 and above
kicad board, version 3, 4 and 5 (s-expr)
lihata pcb-rnd board (any version)
gEDA/PCB .pcb board (any version up to 2017)
File formats:
Load/import footprint
BXL footprints
eagle xml footprint lib .lbr (as board)
eagle xml footprint lib .lbr (as footprint)
eagle binary footprint lib (as board)
lihata pcb-rnd footprint (any version)
Mentor Graphics cell footprints
gEDA/PCB .fp footprints
tEDAx footprint (any version)
File formats:
Import netlist
Accel ASCII netlists + footprint info
calay (netlists + footprint info)
flat netlist from EDIF
freepcb netlist + footprint info
gEDA/gschem (netlist + footprint info, running gnetlist)
import ltspice .net and .asc (netlist and footprint info)
flat .edf (netlist+footprint, produced by Mentor Graphics Design Capture)
pcb-rnd action script (netlist + footprint info)
schematics import by running a commandline
netlist import by running a commandline
gEDA netlist (plain text, no footprint info)
Orcad PCB II (netlist + footprint info)
PADS ascii (.asc, netlists + footprint info)
Protel netlists 2.0 + footprint info
sch-rnd sheet (netlist + footprint info, running sch-rnd)
sch-rnd project (netlist + footprint info, running sch-rnd)
Ringdove project (netlist + footprint info, running sch-rnd)
tinycad .net (netlists + footprint info)
eeschema netlist and footprint info
tEDAx netlist (any version)
File formats:
Import misc
HPGL plot (lines, arcs, polygons)
MUCS unixplot .pl (lines and vias)
ttf font
specctra .dsn (route result: wires and vias)
specctra .ses (route result: wires and vias)
eagle DRU (design rules)
lihata pcb-rnd font (any version)
gEDA/PCB font
tEDAx drc
tEDAx pcb-rnd drc script
File formats:
Save/export board
anonimized board statistics in lihata
autotrax PCB board, version 4
specctra dsn board
hyperlynx board, version 2.0
kicad board, version 3 (s-expr)
kicad pcbnew-board, version 1 (legacy plain text format)
lihata pcb-rnd board (any version)
gEDA/PCB .pcb board (various version up to 2017)
File formats:
Save/export footprint
kicad module (s-expr, according to version 3)
kicad pcbnew-module (legacy plain text format)
lihata pcb-rnd footprint (any version)
gEDA/PCB .fp footprints
tEDAx footprint (any version)
File formats:
Export netlist
tEDAx netlist (any version)
File formats:
Export misc
bom (Bill of Materials, text, templated)
.dxf (2D drawing for mech CADs)
excellon drill/cnc (for PCB fabbing)
fidocad .fcd (partial export)
export gcode (for milling)
gerber for PCB fabbing
IPC-D-356 Netlist (for automated testing)
printer (using ps)
list of terminal connections (old, custom format)
OpenEMS (simulation, matlab files)
openscad script (colored 3D model)
stl (3d triangulated surface model)
amf (Additive Manufacturing File, surface model)
geda/PCB xy
Macrofab's pick&place
pick&place file for the TM220/TM240 device
KiCad .pos file
IPC-D-356 Netlist (from automated testing)
lihata pcb-rnd font (any version)
tEDAx etest
tEDAx drc
tEDAx pcb-rnd drc script
UI options gtk2, gtk4, lesstif (motif), batch (automated processing)
configurable menus, keyboard and mouse actions
footprint library parametric footprints written in any programming language
optionally per system, per user, per project libs
footprints from local files
footprints from the web (edakrill,
scripting embedded scripting using fungw (awk, python, lua, tcl, ruby, perl, javascript, lisp, shell, pascal, BASIC)
layout helpers basic autorouter, basic autoplace, place objects in aligned grid, asymmetric pin shapes, back annotation tracking, trace puller, teardrops
understands internal connections in footprints
query mini-language for finding and selecting objects by rules
command line mode for 2d drafting
manual board assembly helper GUI
misc flexible configuration system
support for small screen (800x600)
strong support for automated processing
modularity (most code implemented in plugins)
slim code, reduced external dependency, portability