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[pcb-rnd logo]pcb-rnd
is a free/open source, flexible, modular Printed Circuit Board editor

for design of professional and hobby boards.

is feature-rich and compatible

has a long history, fast paced development, and big plans.

is part of the coralEDA ecosystem.

Version Control svn:// (mirrors)
Download source releases | binary releases (windows)
Comments, feedback, patches live chat with the developer
or contact the lead developer
Mailing list: pcb-rnd (send a mail with subject: subscribe; may fail with gmail) (archives) (privacy policy)
Contribution and support How to join or contribute
We are looking for help and sponsoration/donation.
A major supporter is NLnet
Do you have a feature request?
Key features editor for multilayer Printed Circuit Boards
scriptable in 10+ different scripting languages
parametric footprint generation, web footprints
modular code with a flexible plugin system
fits well in a UNIXy workflow
supports CLI and server applications
active development, frequent releases
friendly and efficient developer and user community
powerful, user scriptable Design Rule Checker
predictable development cycles
compatible with KiCad and gEDA/PCB, understands Eagle and Protel/Autotrax file formats
Supported platforms
Linux desktop (various distributions, from source)
official packages in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mageia, Kali, Parrot, PureOS, Raspbian (full list)
Mac OS X
Windows (7, 8, 10)
IRIX 5.3
(Likely: any 90's UNIX system with motif)
Screen resolution as small as 800x600
GUI options: motif/lesstif, gtk-gdk, gtk-gl
screenshot of pcb-rnd running on Debian GNU/Linux

What is -rnd?

RespoNsive Developers Developers try to respond on user needs, adding features that are actually needed by current users.

Response Not Delayed Bugreports, user requests and patches submitted are answered ASAP. There are no patches bitrotting for months. There are no forgotten bugreports.


(Brave, hard decisions)
There is a constant experimentation with new features and directions. We are willing to try strange/unusual ideas without risking the stability of the daily workflow.

Instead of talking and ranting a lot about what could work better, we just sit down and make it work better.

Slim, generic core; most of the code organized in replacable plugins. Most plugins depend only on the core.