libgpcogl - General Purpose Computation on OpenGL


This minilib provides an 2D-array-oriented API to do arbitrary calculations on the GPU, running programs written in the OpenGL shader language. The scope is similar to opencl's, but this method does not need compute kernels on the GPU, which lowers GPU requirements: any desktop OpenGL starting from version 3.0 (and the rectangle texture extension) is usable.

Supported array cell data types are scalar 32 bit float, scalar signed 32 bit int, scalar unsigned 32 bit int and 2-3-4 long vectors of them.

Multiple OpenGL interface backends (GLI) are provided:

License: LGPL2.1+ for the lib, CC0 for the examples.


Development version is accessible from version control: svn://

Stable source releases: tarballs.

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This project is made possible by NLnet

(nlnet NGI Entrust in 2023).

Thanks to Laci, Aron and Nicklas for providing hardware (PC and GPU) for testing.