This is a fork of freerouting from The intent of the project is to maintain a headless command line version with no GUI enabling it to be used as an external background router for pcb-rnd more easily.

Project source: svn://

Contact the authors: Email or chat

The java code of this fork is maintained by Erich S. Heinzle, the build system is maintained by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas.

This fork is being actively tested with the FOSS PCB layout editor pcb-rnd.


Binary pack
no Java install required
Download a binary pack and unpack it in /opt1; works only on x86_64, requires GNU libc version >=2.31
Jar release
requires jre from openjdk (11 or newer) installed
Download a jar pack and unpack it in /opt1; works on any platform with a suitable java runtime
Source release
requires full openjdk (11 or newer) installed
Download a release tarball, unpack it in your home directory and read INSTALL.

Notes: 1 can be unpacked anywhere else, but pcb-rnd will then need to be configured with the new location; config node is plugins/ar_extern/freerouting_cli/installation