About freerouting

Original freerouting

Freerouting is an advanced autorouter for all PCB programs that support the standard Specctra or Electra DSN interface. It basically does this:

What has changed for freerouting_cli?

Introduction to freerouting

This software can be used together with all host PCB design software systems containing a standard Specctra or Electra DSN interface. It imports .dsn-files generated by the Specctra interface of the host system and exports Specctra session files.

There are three modes for routing traces: 90 degree, 45 degree and free angle. The interactive router is production stable and unsurpassed in its free angle capabilities. An autorouter is currently under development and already stable in the conventional 45 degree mode.

The minimal set of arguments for routing is: -de dsn-file -do ses-file