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camv-rnd FAQ

1. File formats

1.1. g-code for laser cutter

A common g-code laser cut dialect uses M3 and M5 for turning the laser on/off. For other machines (mills, routers), these codes control the spindle. The default configuration assumes the latter. If you have a file for laser and it doesn't use G0 for travel but relies on M3/M5 for laser on/off, you need to switch the config bit at plugins/import_gcode/laser before loading the file.

On GUI, tick in the corresponding laser menu in File/Loader configuration.

On the command line, use -c plugins/import_gcode/laser=1.

If you more often use g-code files for laser than not, you can make this the default value in your user config.

2. build/install

2.1. Error while loading shared libraries

If the above error message appears and lists librnd-* libs when executing camv-rnd, that means your operating system's dynamic loader is unable to find There are trhee common reasons for this: