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How refdes works with subcircuits

subc_refdes by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-10-19

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Abstract: Details on how the refdes worked with the old element model and how it works with the new subcircuit model.

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The last piece of the subc "refdes text" cleanup is done. The new code fits nicely into the new data model and pcb-rnd's approach: instead of hardwired hacks and side effects that happen to do The Right Thing for one specific case, provide a few, orthogonal features that can be combined to do the same thing, or 100 other things.

Old, pcb-mainline model: "element text"

An element has 3 hardwired text objects that have to contain the refdes, the value and the footprint name. Further limitations:

New, pcb-rnd model: subc

Instead of the bunch of hardwired properties and restrictions of an element text, subcircuits offer a set of orthogonal features that can be used to reproduce the behavior of element texts too, but can also be used more flexibly:

How to emulate the old behavior with the new features

To get a subc refdes that behaves the same as an element refdes text, except that it's only a refdes text and not a 3-fold "magic text":

Note: when you convert buffer to subc and it doesn't have a refdes text, the code automatically adds one, so you don't need to do this manually for each new subcircuit you draw.


property name in old element default/automatic subc attribute name manual override subc attributes pre-subc lihata text object role property
desc footprint visible_footprint, plugin::footprint desc
name refdes (n/a) name
value value (n/a) value

When the code needs to figure what footprint file was used for a subcircuit (e.g. when deciding if a footprint has changed on a new forward annotation), it will always use the default/automatic "footprint" attribute. The manual override affects only the output of some exporters. Note: the footprint attribute should not be overwritten as it may lead to unpredictable effects on importing a schematics. Overwriting the refdes attribute really does change the refdes.

Old fp format element variants:

Element[* "desc" "name" "value" **]
Element(* "desc" "name" "value" **)
Element(* "desc" "name" **)

Old (pre subc) lihata format for Elements will have the 3 magic text objects, with a "role" property. The roles are as described in the above table.

The import action:

ElementList(Need, refdes, footprint, value)