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MorphPolygon(): sharply segmneted ring

segring by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2021-10-28

Tags: howto, polygon, morph, segmented, ring, video

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Abstract: This video-howto demonstrates drawing a sharply segmented ring of exact sizes with pcb-rnd using the MorphPolygon() action.


1. Inner diameter is created with a round padstack placed with the via tool; this also gives a nice snap point in the center. The final inner diameter will be the copper diameter (2 mm) plus 2*clearance of the padstack.

2. Outer diameter is created using the shape() action's regular polygon tab, so that we get a polygon (the filled circle tab wouldn't draw a polygon but a line)

3. Routing style line thickness and clearance is set up to get the right cutout; slot width will be thickness+2*clearance

4. Draw 4 diagonal lines to get the segmentation

5. We did all these on copper; because of the polygon clipping and clearances, we are left with a polygon that represents an 1/4 ring. We select it and use the MorphPolygon(selected) action to morph it. This will bring back all polygon islands and convert the clipped contour into "as drawn" contour, fixating the contour of the polygons.

6. Remove the objects we used for clearing.