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Polygon vs. polygon clearance

poly_clr_poly by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2016-09-24

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Abstract: Some boards need a lot of copper: so much that it looks like if the whole bottom layer was just copper with a few gaps drawn to form islands. A new way of drawing this with pcb-rnd is enabling polygon-vs-polygon clearance. This way thick polygon islands can be formed within a polygon pour without shorting the islands to the pour.

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This enables polygons to make clearance around themsleves the same way as lines or arcs do. Speaking in technical terms, the new flag, PCB_FLAG_CLEARPOLYPOLY is the polygon alternative to the clear-line flag used on lines and arcs.

The real reason for adding this feature was to support arbitrary shaped smd pads with subcircuits - the smd pad needs to be able to clear other polygons. Being able to draw these thick islands in a ground plane is just a bonus.