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Saving window geometry

gui_win_geo by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-10-01

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Abstract: pcb-rnd has sophisticated (but optional) support for saving and reproducing your window geometry, trying to override this part of the window manager's job.

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Using the preferences window, Window tab, you can:

and pcb-rnd will start with that window geometry every time. If you use something to get all your screens into one huge screen space (xinerama?), it will probably work across monitors as a different monitor is just different coords. If they need different addressing you will probably get all the right sized windows on one screen but at least the only one thing you need to do is moving one of them to the other screen, which is already much less than resizing and moving two windows.

Alternatively you can even get pcb-rnd to always save the last window geometry, so you don't go with one perfect setup but start pcb-rnd always the same way you last exited. (This obviously works well only if you don't run parallel instances of pcb-rnd).

In any case, the user config is not affected (not overwritten or changed) by installing a new version of pcb-rnd so your saved window geometry is safe.

Window decoration

The window decoration, including the resize frame, close button, minimize button, etc., are not done by pcb-rnd but by your window manager. If you need any change on this, you'll need to reconfigure your window manager. I don't think we can do much about it from within the app.