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genxproj: Generic X11 project manager

genxproj_a1 by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-12-25

Tags: howto, video, suite, project, manager, project manager, switch, gschem, gerbv, tab, tabs

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Abstract: Generic, X11 based project management tool that can run multiple differnet X11 applications and glue them together to form a suite. Genxproj can force-embed the application windows and present the suite GUI as a tabbed or split view.

  Genxproj takes a flow configuration, that includes:

This means genxproj itself is a framework, a tool-neutral, blank suite which is customized to an actual workflow by the flow configuration. The actual job is then done by the 3rd party software ran as part of the flow.

This demo video shows a gschem -> pcb-rnd -> gerbv flow, which is a typical setup for designing PCBs.

Genxproj works only on Linux.