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External 3d view

ext_3d by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2021-12-11

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Abstract: pcb-rnd does not have a 3d engine, but can export the board and optional part models in various 3d file formats. With a thin glue layer it is easily possible to "integrate" an external 3d viewer and run it from within pcb-rnd and update the view with a hotkey.

  The external glue layer is a separate small project called pcb-rnd-3dview . It has stable releases or it can be checked out from svn using the command

svn checkout svn://svn.repo.hu/pcb-rnd-3dview/trunk pcb-rnd-3dview/trunk

Once you have pcb-rnd-3dview source, please read its README and INSTALL.

The result should look like this: