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Cycledrag: cycle through which object is selected

cycdrag by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-12-25

Tags: howto, video, gui, ui, select, drag, drop, drag and drop, menufile

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Abstract: When the user clicks at a point for dragging an object, there may be multiple objects under the cursor. This feature allows the user to select which one to drag.

  A long standing misfeature of had been that when dragging the end of connected traces, pcb chosen one of the traces "randomly". It often didn't pick the one the user wanted to move. The workaround was to move the one that the click picked and then return and move the target trace then move the other trace back. This gets even more annoying if there are more than two objects connected in the given point: 3 traces and a via for example.

The cycdrag patch addresses this issue by defining an action that can cycle through objects that could be dragged in the given point while the left mouse button is pressed. This lets the user explicitly select the one object to work on.

This demo video demonstrates how it works with three lines and a via.

plans: It does not work with the lesstif HID (which is a known bug). It does not work with the rubber band mode (because rubber band grabs all objects).