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Cross section view: layers and groups

cross_sect by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-12-28

Tags: howto, video, gui, ui, drag, drop, drag and drop, layer, stack, layer groups, layerstack, stackup, cross section, cross, section

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Abstract: Cross section view of the board allows the user to manipulate the layer stack in a visual way.

  Operations are done using drag&drop. Logical layers can be moved between physical layer groups by grabbing the layer name and dropping them in another group on the right side. Copper layer groups can be created or removed by grabbing the buttons from the bottom and dropping them on the stackup on the left side.

The cross section view can be invoked on the GTK HID from the left side layer selector (left click, Grouping), or from the preferences window (layers tab).

This demo video demonstrates how it works.