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Iecosys by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-12-26

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  pcb-rnd is just a PCB layout editor. A full project usually can not be finished with pcb-rnd alone, without other tools, such as schematics capture, viewers for various file formats, external autorouter, etc.

This is the good old UNIX idea of developing an ecosystem of smaller, independent tools. pcb-rnd is part of a larger EDA ecosystem. The elements of this ecosystem are shipped by various projects.

This node attempts to index the articles that discuss how the ecosystem is developed and used.

First of all, the terminology from pcb-rnd's perspective: suite, ecosystem

The EDA ecosystem proposal : why it is useful to think in an ecosystem instead of a monolithic, centralized effort. What is the minimum that setting up and running such an ecosystem takes.

There's an article about how this idea differs from edacore and other similar efforts of the past few years.

Once the ecosystem exists, there are ways to make development and use even more efficient: