XSCHEM : schematic capture
and netlisting EDA tool

Xschem is a schematic capture program, it allows creation of hierarchical representation of circuits with a top down approach . By focusing on interfaces, hierarchy and instance properties a complex system can be described in terms of simpler building blocks. A VHDL or Verilog or Spice netlist can be generated from the drawn schematic, allowing the simulation of the circuit. Key feature of the program is its drawing engine written in C and using directly the Xlib drawing primitives; this gives very good speed performance, even on very big circuits. The user interface is built with the Tcl-Tk toolkit, tcl is also the extension language used.


Xschem runs on UNIX systems with X11 and Tcl-Tk toolkit installed.


XSCHEM manual


Current release
Old XSCHEM releases on Sourceforge
SVN: svn checkout svn://repo.hu/xschem/trunk


The software is released under the GNU GPL, General Public License


Anyone interested in this project please contact me at the following address:


Software requirements:

- X11
- tcl-tk libs and developent files
- c99 compiler
- bison (only for compiling the grammar parser)
- flex (only for compiling the lexical analyzer
- Xpm library and -dev header files
- awk (tested with gawk and mawk)

Systems tested:

- Linux debian / Redhat
- Solaris sparc
- Windows (with the cygwin layer and cygwin/Xorg X11 server, plus the tcl/tk toolkit and the -dev libraries)


  • analog circuit example

analog circuit

  • digital system for VHDL simulation

dicital example