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The Webless Initiative

See the Anti-web Manifesto

The Webless Initiative is a campaign to make the modern Web a more livable place. We aim to accomplish this by:

This should:

We plan to provide a set of rules and recommendations for anyone who wishes to make their web page conformant. There will be an automatic validator for this ruleset.

We plan to create and maintain two lists of websites, with an appropriate label or banner site owners can publish to indicate their membership:

We ask that listed (friends and validated) sites place a link on this page. This is not mandatory; and the link might serve as a disclaimer for when visitors are asking why your page is lacking all the modern whizbang.


For the moment, if you want to see your site on either the Friends or the Validated list, please send me a mail (see address below).

Recommended Reading


You can reach us on IRC: server, channel #dev.

Via e-mail: webless (at)