v7us - v7 user space

v7us is a port of UNIX V7 user space to Linux/i386. UNIX v7 is the last official release of the original UNIX operating system before the UNIX war started to take over. The release dates back to early 1979. For most aspects of the tools, this means if something works on V7, it most probably works on any UNIX system of the 80s/90s. This feature can be used to test software for portability.

Should all software work on V7? No. But there are some basic libraries and tools, that should be really portable. For those few projects, v7us is a great testbed.

An alternative is running V7 in a pdp11 emulator, but the original (and only one) C compiler of V7 is so obscure that most C programs we have nowdays wouldn't compile without a massive rewrite. With v7us, target is having your software compile against v7libc using an ANSI C (C89) compiler while using sed, grep, awk, make of the late 70s.

v7us has all the shell tools you'd expect, including awk, sed, [ef]grep, yacc, lex, make, diff, diff3, etc. Still missing:

Downloads: Contact: v7 (at) igor2.repo.hu