What is a titlebox

A titlebox (also known as title block) is a group of mainly textual data arranged in a "standard" way on every schematics sheet. The prupose of a titlebox is to help the user identify the drawing. Most orgaisations have a local standard on what the titlebox should contain and how exactly it should look.

How it is implemented in sch-rnd

Cschem or sch-rnd itself does not implement titlebox. There is only a convention that sch-rnd follows in the default sheets, documentation, examples and tutorials. This document explains this convention. Users of sch-rnd may choose to use this convention or may invent and follow different conventions for their sheets.

By sch-rnd convetion, the titlebox is a group with no role and purpose=titlebox. The titlebox is in the bottom left corner (starting from 0;0 coord). It does not contain a frame around the "page".

Titlebox is a box with a few sub-boxes containing the following data:

Inherited pens used in the titlebox group:

These pens are expected to be defined in the sheet's root group ("direct").