History of repo.hu

I had been hosting project at sourceforge for a long time. I found the web UI particularly annoying all the years I was at sourceforge and after a while I noticed that releases of some of my projects are delayed because I was too lazy to fight the web UI again. I sat down to think it over, and I concluded that the only way "Release Early, Release Often" can be achieved is to convert the release process semi-automatic.

In case you do not use sourceforge, here is how the process of creating a new release looked like:

Starting from the first sourceforge interaction (ftp upload) the process usually took more than 15 minutes of pure repetitive web form filling. I believe computers were design to do this kind of boring data processing work (instead of human beings wasting their time).

I first filed a request to sourceforge (got removed lately). Years passed with no answer, but the problem remained. The more I was thinking about it, the more I realized the best solution would be getting an svn server to do all the releasing when I tag the project. I was too lazy to start the project, until a fine day when I wanted to register a new project at sourceforge it turned out that it started to require javascript. I found this totally insane so sent them a request or bugreport about it. It took a week to get an answer, and the answer was that the site was designed for javascript users. This was the moment I decided to leave sourceforge and set up a service for my own use that works without administrative overhead.

The service outputs to the web, but doesn't expect the developers to use the web for the release process.

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