is an svn based project hosting service. Svn based means that each project is hosted in its svn repository and all web content is generated from that repository. For more information about why this can be good, read more about the history of

Most notable projects hosted on
pcb-rnd active Ringdove EDA: flexible, modular, printed circuit board editor (compatible with kicad, eagle, protel/autotrax, geda/PCB and more)
sch-rnd active Ringdove EDA: interactive schematics capture
camv-rnd active Ringdove EDA: gerber-and-more viewer
route-rnd active Ringdove EDA: external autorouter for pcb-rnd
librnd active Ringdove EDA: dependency for the graphical apps
minilibs active a group of independent tiny C libraries
xschem active schematics editor with good interface to pcb-rnd and also strong VLSI support
scconfig active autotools replacement: generic modular ./configure in ANSI C
animator active reads draw instructions on stdin and draws 2d on SDL
libmawk active embed awk script interpreters in applications
libfawk active embed awk, pascal and BASIC script interpreters in applications
fungw active unified API to embed a dozen script interpreters in applications
plumb active pipe shell - run and connect processes with a graph of pipes
libporty active minimalistic portability library with sockets, dns, background processes, date/time and more, based on scconfig
minetd active portable minimalistic inetd that has low setup cost and is also easy to run as user
openhw active open source hardware projects; includes cheap AVR programmer, a lot of AVR based mini-projects, cross-platform configuration tool for mcp2200 (this includes full support for linux configuration of mcp2000)
vterm active X terminal mimicking the Linux VGA terminal
v7us active UNIX V7 userspace utilities ported to Linux (CC not included)
avrfuse active avr fuse bit configuration tool
yget active CLI utility for downloading youtube videos
equver active CLI non-linear equation system solver (fronted to minpack)
projector active reads draw instructions on stdin and renders 3d (accessible from svn only: svn://
libwharf active a collection of useful utility libraries (high level sockets with filters, lists, strings), built on top of libporty (svn only)
random active collection of random tiny projects, including ud (universal dump), pp-awk (awk based C preprocessor), cursimator (ncurses version of animator ) and more
(Here is the full list of projects, including test and passive/dead projects) is designed to have minimal administration overhead at releasing. A typical release process is:

  1. edit changelog and/or release notes (both are optional)
  2. tag your project (usually this means a single "svn copy" trunk/ to tags/VERSION)
Everything else is done by the server when you commit to the svn: Furthermore, a web option is provided: if the configuration file contains a directory name where the project web page is stored within the repository, upon any change in that directory, the server automatically updates the project home page.

If you want to get your project hosted on, file a request.

This page is a friend of the Webless Initiative and is designed to have zero design. Some of the lists are up to date because they are generated by the web server (thttpd) and all the static pages are generated when the content changes on the page, not when a download request arrives.