Portbox is a collection of different operating systems, mostly running in qemu, set up for easy access (shared /home, synchronized passwords). The purpose of the system is to provide a convenient way of testing open source software for portability. The main projects being tested on portbox are scconfig, libporty, minetd, plumb.

Qemu simulated systems are running on a 4-core machine and are normally suspended with SIGSTOP. When a user wants to log in to a system, it's resumed (SIGCONT) and locked during the session. Once all user sessions are over (all locks are gone), the system is automatically suspended again. Waking up a system takes less than a second - much less time than what it takes to boot up an operating system.

A wide variety of free operating systems are supported, including minix, openSolaris, different flavors of BSD and a few exotic systems.

Shell access is available upon request.


We have started migrating old installations to the brand new 4-core machine.