2019-03-29 (+08:06) Friday
+ 05:0605:50/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix gerber export with extra layers, debugging other exporter bugs reported
+ 05:5406:03/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix gerber export to oshpark bug
+ 07:1207:39/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix gerber export to oshpark bug
+ 07:5408:59/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .vfs export the conf
+ 08:5909:20/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .vfs fuse fixes
+ 09:2010:17/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .vfs list subcircuits
+ 10:3611:45/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .vfs list subcircuits
+ 12:3213:02/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .vfs example scripts
+ 13:1614:10/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .vfs example scripts
+ 14:1014:30/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix propedit memory handling bugs
+ 14:3014:49/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .vfs example scripts
+ 14:4915:10/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor propedit layer group location and type accessor
+ 15:1015:25/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .vfs example scripts
+ 16:0116:13/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix gerber export GUI file path problem
+ 16:3316:56/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix gerber export GUI file path problem

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