2018-10-19 (+08:03) Friday
+ 04:1804:23/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .dad gtk preview: side pan bug
+ 04:4605:06/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .dad gtk preview: gtk side pan bug
+ 05:1105:30/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .dad lesstif box fill/expand
+ 05:3005:42/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .doc old netlist
+ 05:4206:01/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .dad remove bu_notebook from gtk and research on lesstif xpm icons
+ 06:3007:35/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .dad research on lesstif xpm icons
+ 07:4510:23/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id data ID infra, upgrade arc, line and poly
+ 11:0411:09/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix reportobject segfault
+ 11:0911:18/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .support mailing about the asm plugin
+ 11:2811:43/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id upgrade the text object for reg/unreg
+ 11:4311:47/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id document the reg/unreg calls
+ 11:4711:51/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id document pre/post calls
+ 12:2912:47/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id upgrade the rat object for reg/unreg
+ 12:4713:11/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id upgrade the subc object for reg/unreg
+ 13:1113:25/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id upgrade the pstk object for reg/unreg
+ 14:0714:34/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id integrity check for IDs
+ 14:5715:19/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id integrity check for IDs
+ 15:1915:51/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id .bugfix debugging why placing a subcircuit causes data integrity check error
+ 16:5917:03/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor revising text freerot bounding box TODO
+ 17:0317:10/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .id remove redundant subc utility function

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