2018-05-18 (+08:01) Friday
+ 05:2006:06/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix hole-only padstack selection
+ 06:5107:02/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix negative integer can not be entered in gtk preferences
+ 07:0207:08/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .admin revise TODO entries and move risky ones to the next cycle
+ 07:0807:21/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .admin update code change and modularization stats
+ 07:2109:02/priv/fungw.sponsor testing existing language bindings, fix up portability issues with round() and return value type issue with tcl
+ 09:0212:07/priv/fungw.sponsor .python binding
+ 12:4214:35/priv/fungw.sponsor .python binding
+ 14:3514:41/priv/fungw.sponsor collect a list of languages to support

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