2018-04-20 (+06:55) Friday
+ 04:4205:28/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .hpgl reading and ignoring the spec for line type, testing more HP-GL input files
+ 05:4906:13/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .large buffer normalization, debugging the crosshair wrap problem
+ 06:3807:08/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .large HID API fixes for corsshair set on large board
+ 07:0807:51/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .large debugging the gtk hid for large boards
+ 07:5108:23/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .large debugging 45 degree line bug on large board
+ 08:2309:15/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .large debugging lesstif scroll on large boards
+ 09:1509:43/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor hpgl y coord flip bug
+ 09:4409:52/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .pool coord size node
+ 10:3411:05/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor buffer normalization should place the origin to the center of the buffer
+ 11:0511:22/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .doc conf updates for the new default board files
+ 11:2712:22/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .doc file format doc: lihata netlist
+ 13:3213:56/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .bugfix testing the drc bug reported by Wojciech
+ 15:5316:18/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor setenv before system() so file name, crosshair coords and current layer is accessible

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