2017-10-30 (+08:04) Monday
+ 04:4605:12/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor thermal action
+ 05:2306:06/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor thermal action
+ 06:4108:35/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor thermal operations: properly render and manipulate thermals
+ 08:4409:39/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor thermal operations: properly render and manipulate thermals
+ 09:3910:37/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor thermal: no shape option
+ 10:3711:45/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor thermal action and proper poly cutout refresh
+ 11:4512:16/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor debug/tune clearance sizes with thermals
+ 13:2114:04/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor clean up warnings
+ 14:2614:57/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor revise the comb flag in shape layer matching
+ 15:2315:38/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor upgrade bbvia top.bottom so they can be both interpreted from top and from bottom
2017-10-31 (+08:11) Tuesday
+ 04:1704:54/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor implementing missing standard object features
+ 05:0205:30/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor padstack edit dialog
+ 07:2607:57/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor padstack edit dialog
+ 07:5708:37/priv/pcb-rnd.hid .sponsor extend the HID API so attribute dialogs can hide/show widgets
+ 08:3711:15/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor padstack edit dialog
+ 11:5112:04/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor padstack edit dialog
+ 12:5916:03/priv/pcb-rnd.padstack .sponsor padstack edit dialog and unodable prototype changes
2017-11-03 (+08:11) Friday
+ 05:1406:12/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .padstack upgrade padstack defs for transformations
+ 07:2109:46/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .padstack upgrade padstack defs for transformations
+ 09:4610:50/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .padstack implement actual transformations
+ 10:5012:02/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .padstack padstack edit dialog and undoable instance property change
+ 14:0215:03/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .padstack padstack edit dialog
+ 15:0315:12/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .padstack menu bindings
+ 15:1215:21/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .padstack debugging buffer conversion segfault
+ 16:1116:50/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .padstack debugging buffer conversion segfault
+ 16:5017:24/priv/pcb-rnd.sponsor .padstack buffer to padstack conversion should leave the padstack in the buffer and remove everything else

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