Sponsored day report

Focus was on getting our automated test system in shape again.

We didn't spend much time on keeping our automated tests up to date in the past 4 months. Work just kept on ccumulating on this. I knew I would need to sit down and spend a good day on this to get it cleaned up.


I have slightly enchanced the RTT test framework and revised all broken test cases. Many test cases needed update for changes in thecore or in the corresponding exporter. At the moment all RTT tests pass on i386. There are 3 test cases that yield different result on amd64.

On the way updating the tests I detected a few minor bugs in exporters and in the core (polygon arc clearance hair). These have been fixed.

The original tests inherited from mainline are updated too. They also all pass on i386.

Finally, the low level code test programs got updated too, they should all compile and run on any system now.

further work

Need to check the 3 test cases that differ in amd64. There are two rounding errors and a DSN element/pin numbering problem.

After fixing these, our "make test" will work again. This should happen before the next release (around 9th august).