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pcb-rnd motivation

Phase 1: At the beginning... (2013..2014)

I use PCB a lot on various computers. I used to try to join the mainstream development with small contribution (minor patches) and was active on IRC and the mailing lists for a while. However, it didn't work out well, and: I was pondering a fork for years. The trigger was that one day I've upgraded Debian on my lab computer and the new version of PCB came with gl enabled; this made PCB absolutely unusable (had to wait like 10 seconds for a scroll) while all the transparent polys over traces made the whole screen a mess. I should have recompiled everything and built a new Debian package with gl disabled or install from source (but I have too many computers for that). My decision was to set up my own .deb but then build it from a fork (it's not much of an extra effort), so I can add some of the features I miss in daily use. My plans with this fork:


Phase 2: major cleanups (2015..2016)

In the first phase I was mostly implementing a set of small features and fixes. As I got more familiar with the code base, I decided to bite the bullet and do some refactoring:

Plans for the future includes:

Phase 3: community requested features (from 2016 onward)

Overlapping phase 2 there is an ongoing feature poll . If there are enough active users/testers for a feature, it gets implemented in phase 3.

There is a small, active, constructive community forming around pcb-rnd. Future directions will be mainly set by their need.