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pcb-rnd - help wanted - details

porting example scripts

The rosetta scripts start with an awk script, because awk is my favorite language. When the awk version is tested out and the documentation finalized, the script needs to be ported to different languages. The porting is line-by-line, becuase we want to have all scripts do the same and look the same, that's how it's easy to compare them.

If you have a favorite language, you could join porting example scripts to that language.

Requirements: knowing your scripting language, system-wide fungw installation, pcb-rnd from svn.

packaging fungw for your favorite distro

At the moment fungw has no packaging coverage. Because we use fungw as the action infrastructure, we have a minimal (no-script) version embedded in src_3rd/ and scconfig already has the logics for choosing a system installed version over the local version when avaialble.

To make system installs more wide-spread, we need OS packages, preferrably official packages in as many systems as possible. Fungw is small: the core lib and all existing engines (~ script language bindings) take up 4k sloc total). The only challange is that we need to have a modular packaging: a core package and one package per script language binding, to avoid the core package depending on 6..8 scripting engines.

Requirements: knowing your favorite distro's packaging model

packaging libmawk, funlisp, estutter

These three scripting language libs are relatively small (funlisp is even tiny), and unlike many popular languages they come with a nice, generic API. Unfortunately they are not widely known so we lack OS packages. They are generally easy to package.

Requirements: knowing your favorite distro's packaging model

action wrapper programming

Most of our API in pcb-rnd are good, old-fashioned, raw C APIs. Which means they are currently unaccessible to scripts. To make them accessible, we need to write action wrappers. Such an action wrapper is usually simple, as 90% of the time we want to expose the very same API, parameter-to-parameter, in a coordinated effort.

Requirements: intermediate C knowledge, willing to learn the fungw API, willing to use svn and IRC