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pcb-rnd - the [nonetlist] patch

The [nonetlist] patch adds an element flag that makes PCB ignore the marked element when dealing with netlists. This means connecting a net to a pin of a nonetlist element will not cause a short. The refdes of a nonetlist part is drawn with color element-color-nonetlist (ElementColor_nonetlist in the source; default value #777777, grey).

Uses of the nonetlist feature:

Preservation: gsch2pcb-rnd leaves nonetlist elements in the PCB.

save/load and compatibility

This patch introduces a new element flag. The following example demonstrates a 1206 jumper footprint:
Element["nonetlist" "1206 jumper, 0 ohm" "" "1206" 0 0 -3150 -3150 0 100 ""]
	Pad[-5905 -1181 -5905 1181 5118 2000 5718 "1" "1" "square,intconn(1)"]
	Pad[5905 -1181 5905 1181 5118 2000 5718 "2" "2" "square,intconn(1)"]
	ElementLine[-2362 -3740 2362 -3740 800]
	ElementLine[-2362 3740 2362 3740 800]
Mainline PCB will load the design ignoring internal connections and nonetlist flag - this will cause shorts on all connected pins/pads and will break the connection.

Mainline PCB doesn't save nonetlist and elements are embedded in the file - once the design is loaded and saved with mainline PCB, the flag is lost. After reloading the file in pcb-rnd, the element causes the same shorts as in mainline PCB.


No plans, the feature is complete.