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pcb-rnd - the [library_t] patch

The original code has a special setup for representing trees, C structures called LibraryMenu and LibraryEntry. This system can represent only a subset of trees: there is a root, a level consist of directories only and a next level, each directory consist of data nodes only. This has been enough for newlib, which strictly follows this model in the file system hierarchy. The lesstif HID also hardwired this model in the GUI.

In pcb-rnd this has been replaced with a new struct type called library_t that can represent an arbitrary tree: directories and files within directories down to many levels.

Both the gtk and the lesstif had has been modified accordingly and can properly display the tree. This in turn enables alternative footprint backend implementations such as fp_wget to import more complex libraries, e.g. the one on

save/load and compatibility

Not affected.


Finished, no plans.