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Change summary, per topic

commit message tag and docdescription
[gpmi] scripting PCB (including GUI dialogs, actions, menus, changing the layout)
[intconn] component internal connections
[nonetlist] components that are not part of the netlist and should not cause shorts
[tostyle] actions, menu and hotkey to change ring dia, line width, drill dia and clearance sizes to match the values defined for the current routing style
[mincut] minimal cut based warnings on shorts
[square] change square pad to a generic shaped-pin based on the octagon pin code - this is an alternative to teardrops
[flagcomp] unknown flag compatibility
[scconfig] use scconfig instead of autotools
[pcb-fp] generic parametric footprints; on-the-fly footprint generation by external tools written in any language (remove m4 hardwirings)
[pcblib], [fp_fs], [pcblib-param] clean up the footprint library shipped
[library_t] footprint library is an arbitrary tree instead of a special, 2 level tree
[fp_wget] web based footprint libraries, integration of
[res] replace resource files with lihata and enable multi-key hotkeys in both gtk and lesstif hids
[debian] Debian packaging the binaries configured to my own taste
[ba] back annotation
[onpoint] on-point by Robert Drehmel
[cycdrag] cycle drag; with additional feature: negative box select
[mods] modularize the code to reduce core size - for comparison
[unglib] remove glib dependency from core
[io_*] .pcb and .fp file format plugins
[dynstyle] dynamic routing style: support more than 4 of them - with no limit
[conf] new, unified, config file system
[propedit] property/attribute editor (gtk)
[oldplugins] import old PCB plugins
[query] query language
routing styles routing style fixes
(gtk grid) gtk grid improvements: sparse global grids, local grids
(full screen) gtk full screen edit mode
(settings) minor changes in default settings