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pcb-rnd - reporting bugs

Pcb-rnd, like any other biggish piece of software, is not a free of bugs. When you find a bug, please report it and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.For reporting bugs you can use any medium you can reach us on: mostly IRC and email, whichever is easier for you.

Using the below table you can optionally increase the efficiency of your bugreport by sending enough data in the initial report that we won't need to ask for clarification.

what went wrong optional extra info to help debugging
0. For any report, please include what version of pcb-rnd are you using: release tarball version number or the output of "svn info" in trunk/.
1. Configuration problems:
  • ./configure failed
  • ./configure didn't find a optional package XY
  • ./configure didn't do what I wanted it to do
include your scconfig/config.log
2. Build problems: make fails
  • include your scconfig/config.log
  • run make clean; make >make.log 2>&1 ; send the resulting make.log
3. Installation problems: make install fails
  • include your scconfig/config.log
  • run make install >makei.log 2>&1 ; send the resulting makei.log
  • if the error is not an obvious failure of an operation with a clear error message, please explain, in details, what you expected to happen (what files should have copied/linked where) and what happened instead.
4. pcb-rnd doesn't find a file Please make sure you have installed pcb-rnd before running it, or if you are running it from source, make sure to cd to trunk/src and running it as ./pcb-rnd. Only these two ways are supported. If it still fails running by one of those two, please jump to point 5.
5. pcb-rnd run time error, non-gui-related
  • run pcb-rnd from the command line; append >run.log 2>&1 to the command line, reproduce the error and include run.log
  • if the error is not an obvious failure of an operation with a clear error message, please explain, in details, what you expected to happen and what happened instead.
6. pcb-rnd run time error, gui-related
  • if you are using the gtk-gl hid, please also try the gdk hid with the command line argument --gui gtk2_gdk . Please include a sentence about whether the bug affects both HIDs or is gl-only.
  • even for the most obvious-looking problem, please explain, in details, what you expected to happen and what happened instead.
7. pcb-rnd crashes (segfault, assertion, abortion)
  • Re-run ./configure with --debug and recompile (and reinstall).
  • Run pcb-rnd from gdb:
    • if you are running the installed version: gdb pcb-rnd
    • if you are running from source: cd trunk/src; gdb ./pcb-rnd
  • Type this in the gdb prompt: run (optionally append a space and the command line arguments you would have used for starting pcb-rnd)
  • reproduce the problem
  • type bt, copy&paste the result and include it in the bugreport
  • if the problem is reproducible, please include a description how to trigger it, preferrably on an empty board on a fresh start, alternatively with an example file included
Altnerative method with core dumps:
  • ./configure --debug
  • ulimit -c unlimited
  • on Linux, check your core pattern (man 5 core , search for pattern; changing the core pattern requires root)
  • in src/ run ./pcb-rnd, trigger the bug
  • in src gdb ./pcb-rnd core (core is the default core file name, you may have a different name depending on the core pattern, see above)
If you are on MacOSX, you may need to use lldb instead of gdb: lldb --core /cores/core.52381 and the backtrace command is bt all instead od just bt.
8. pcb-rnd can't load my file Please include the file in your bugreport
9. pcb-rnd loads my file but it doesn't look good Please include the file in your bugreport; please include a screenshot of the file (even open in another software) to demonstrate how it should look and a screenshot how it looked in pcb-rnd; please mark the difference visually.
10. pcb-rnd produces broken export
  • Please include the input board file in your bugreport
  • Explain the steps of exporting (expecially export settings)
  • Describe how exactly it is broken (which detail is off, how should it look like instead); best if you can reproduce it with command line argument -x
  • Try to submit a minimal example: if it happens on a large board, erase half of the board and see if it still happens; repeat this until reaching the smallest board that still produces the problem.