Florida shaped geocoin

I used pcb-rnd to create made a PCB with a "geographical" shape, the shape of the state of Florida, for a Christmas present of six assembled devices for my brother who lives in Ocala Florida and is an avid geocacher. The boards were made by Oshpark and hand assembled. His geocache handle is marked on the board as space to write a tracking number. The LED at the "OCALA" logo will flash every 30 seconds. This is a "trackable" that he will deposit in a geocache with the idea that it will be moved along. However, most trackables are kept by the finder as a souvenir. Demo video , also on youtube .
author celem
tech fab
board/physical_copper_layers 4
board/subcircuits/total 7
board/width 59.5000 mm
board/height 46.5000 mm
downloads board: 3FLCoinV4.lht
schematics: 3FLCoinV4e.sch

Images and renders