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pcb-gpmi is a plugin for PCB, the popular printed circuit board layout editor. It forms a glue layer between PCB internals and scripts, allowing the user to easily extend PCB using any of the 10 supported scripting languages . Since scripts this way can access the very internals of PCB, they can perform more powerful operations than those scripts running on the save files, outside of PCB. These scripts also integrate better with PCB GUI (be it the GTK hid or the lesstif hid).

A few internals already exposed to the scripts:

Examples, downloads

There is a small collection of example scripts accompanied by screenshots. Once pcb-gpmi plugin is installed, installing a new script is easy: the user copies the script file(s) in the pcb-gpmi subdirectory under pcb's plugin directory and adds a single line in a config file with the language and file name of the new script.

License & Documentation

pcb-gpmi is a Free Software licensed under GNU GPL 2.0 or later. Scripts should be distributed under a GPL-compatible license since they are heavily linked with PCB and pcb-gpmi (directly accessing internals).

The most recent version of the documentation can be accessed from the svn or you can browse the online documentation .

Feedback & Support

Mail to pcb-rnd [(at)] igor2.repo.hu