This microproject is an alternative "build system" for the excellent programmers' solid 3D CAD OpenSCAD. The goal is to build two console (non-GUI) variants of the openscad executable:

This project is only a set of GNU Makefiles. This project is not an OpenSCAD fork, it does not contain or copy any OpenSCAD source code. Instead it depends on and operates on a downloaded OpenSCAD source tree.


  1. download the source release of openscad - make sure you are downloading the exactly the same version of openscad and openscad-cli (minus the -revXX part in openscad-cli version number, if present).
  2. edit Makefile.conf in openscad-cli as the comments in that file suggest
  3. run make
  4. run make install (as root, e.g. with sudo)


The two executes are called openscad-cli and openscad-cli-gl. They have the same invocation as stock openscad, except they will never start up in GUI mode. Typical use case is:

openscad-cli -o foo.stl foo.scad
openscad-cli-gl -o foo.png foo.scad

License, author, contact, download

All files of openscad-cli are placed in the Public Domain by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas in 2019.