Open Hardware Collection


Most current version of all the projects can be checked out using a subversion client from svn:// - below is a brief list of project highlights
project source description
avrfuse browse svn HEAD text file based fuse config for AVR microcontrollers and mcp2200 usb-rs232 converter; examples: atmega32, mcp2200; may depend on mcp2200hid
mcp2200hid browse svn HEAD CLI configuration and GPIO tool for the mcp2200; cross platform; confirmed to work on linux
cArVeR [not yet imported] browse svn HEAD a modular, buffered parallel port avr programmer (compatible with avrdude)
lib/libctio browse svn HEAD flexible and compact hardware drivers (stepper motors, LCD displays, etc) written in C for the avr; with different tricks half of the job is done compile-time reducing firmware code size
lib/fp browse svn HEAD GPL licensed footprints for gEDA/PCB
lib/sym browse svn HEAD GPL licensed symbols for gEDA/gschem
util/devmap browse svn HEAD | stable releases gsch2pcb wrapper that can transparently manipulate pinouts/footprints using a database


There are quite some open hardware projects out there. The reasons to start yet another one were: