ncbricks is an addictive Arkanoid-like brick breaker game.

The player can navigate the paddle to bounce the ball back towards the bricks. The player earn points for breaking bricks, and for survival. Some bricks may drop charms that can be collected if they hit the paddle. Some charm help the player to beat the level, some charm, however, do the opposite. In addition, the player can shoot missiles that will be spawned in the middle of the paddle.


You can download release tarballs from this page.


Basically, the player earns 100 points for a touched breakable brick. Until the ball breaks other bricks before hitting the paddle, each brick increases the number of points to each by 100 points. Balls can be split with a charm. New balls do not inherit this touch counter, and each ball has its own counter.

The player earns 100 points for each breakable brick that hit by a missile, but this amount will not change in time.

The level can be won if all breakable bricks are destroyed.

The player loses one life if all the balls on the board fell out.

Most of the bricks have 1 hit points: if the ball hits it, the brick will be destroyed, and the ball bounces back. These bricks look like this: (====). Some of them have 2 (displayed as [====]) or 3 (displayed as {====}) hit points. If the ball hits one of these bricks, the brick loses one hit point, changes its appearance, and the ball bounces back. Also, there are unbreakable bricks in the game. These bricks are displayed as #====#. If the ball hits an unbreakable brick, the ball bounces back. Note, the player will not earn points for touching an unbreakable brick.


Some bricks have a charm walled in. If the brick breaked, the charm will fall down. The player can catch them with the paddle: if the charm hits the paddle, the charm bonus will be applied. Charm are always yellow (if colors are supported by the terminal), and have different letters assigned:

Atomic ball

All balls enter this state, the ball skin replaced from o to *, and the ball will not bounce back from breaked bricks. This mode give the possibility to break many bricks. Note, the ball will still bounce back if it hits a bricks with more than one hit points, including the unbreakable bricks.


Configuration file

ncbricks will load two configuration files: Configuration files can have any amount of lines. Each line must be any of the following:
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