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[librnd logo]librnd
is a free/open source, flexible, modular two-dimensional CAD engine

with transparent multiple GUI toolkit support

flexible, dynamic menu system

flexible, dynamic configuration system

support for user scripting in a dozen languages

Version Control svn:// (mirrors)
Download source releases
Comments, feedback, patches live chat with the developer
or contact the lead developer
Mailing list: pcb-rnd (send a mail with subject: subscribe; may fail with gmail) (archives) (privacy policy)
Supported platforms
Linux desktop (various distributions, from source)
official packages in (coming soon)
Mac OS X
Windows (7, 8, 10)
IRIX 5.3
(Likely: any 90's UNIX system with motif)
Screen resolution as small as 800x600
GUI options: motif/lesstif, gtk-gdk, gtk-gl

What is -rnd?

RiNgDove is an EDA suite that includes:

a schematics editor: sch-rnd

a PCB editor: pcb-rnd

a CAM viewer: camv-rnd

a software lib: librnd

or all in one: suite


user contributed addons: edakrill